167: Mini Mic

Quick episode this week guys. PAX this weekend. One lucky person will get a three day pass, if you are there early enough to be that random person. GOOD LUCK. Keep your eye on Instagram to see mini mic in all his glory, if you are lucky enough to get a photo.

Luke and Erin will be interviewing lots of fun and interesting people and hopefully we have some good updates next episode. 

5th October 2022

166: Superbacker Luke

Warning, Sarah is sick. PAX is only a week away!! Due to our schedules and some technical issues (Luke), if you want a 3 day PAX pass, hunt Luke and Erin down at the gate as they will be giving them away on Day 1 to any random person they see. Erin still hates Zelda but loves Exploding Kittens. And keep listening on updates to the 17 year old hacker who Sarah believes is a little amazing and Luke thinks he is going to be punished to death, or maybe something a little less extreme but still bad.  

164: 50 and Blank

Luke and Erin are getting ready for PAX! Luke has accommodation, Erin may be sleeping on the street? We also are introducing Gin Reviews (not sure why this took so long). This weeks Gin is called Darling. Erin and Luke enjoyed the Perfect Darling this evening, Sarah drank pink gin to join the fun. Erin hates Zelda but loves Toby. Sarah questions why people are forced to bring babies home from hospital. 

Homework: Sarah to play Middle-Earth Shadow of War. Erin to try and fall in love with Zelda and Luke…. well…. let's see if he can clean enough to earn a new chair.

163: Pixelated Nipples

Erin almost got eaten by dogs and Luke finally found Zelda. Sarah did not like last week's game recommendation and is now going to attempt The Walking Dead, we do not have high hopes. Luke's new computer is arriving and Sarah has permission to cut off his leg! Luke plays Immortality and hates it, yet the world thinks it's amazing! I think we should trust the world.

Homework for next week, Sarah to play The Walking Dead, Erin to play Zelda and Luke to finish Immortality. Wish us luck.

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